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Migration and Upgrade
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Proof of Concept(PoC)
In today’s fast changing technology, the customer wants to make a decision on their communication systems after having a feel of the technology in their own work environment. They also want to see how the new technology can integrate with their existing systems and business processes. PoC provides the suitable platform to demonstrate the technology working in customer environment.
Wincinq, with its expert team of system integrators, can help its clients in conducting a successful PoC, thereby increasing their chances of winning the deal.
Bill of Material (BOM) preparation
Generally, the partner sales team are not conversant with the fast changing product portfolio components of the OEM. They face challenges in preparing a complete and detailed BOM matching the solution needs of the customer. This may lead to problems in getting the correct costing from the OEM.
Our expert sales support team, who are constantly in sync with the OEM product portfolio, can provide its clients with the accurate BOM. This can help to reduce the cost and turnaround time of the Project.
Solution Design
Wincinq Team of Professionals can support its clients to prepare a suitable and cost effective solution design thus meeting their customer’s operational and business requirements. If required, we can accompany our clients to customer meetings and understand their requirements better. This would provide our clients a competitive edge and greatly increase their possibilities of winning the orders.
Technical Compliance for Tenders
The Government, PSUs and Large enterprises generally bring forth their communication system needs via a tendering process. The tender phase of the project is a time consuming and resource intensive task.
Our comprehensive tender support service team provides expert assistance in preparing technical compliance to increase the chances of a successful bid.
Many a times, the customer would like to have a look and feel of the features of the communication system in a live/lab environment. Wincinq can help in preparing the demo system and if required, demonstrating the same to the customer.

Installation & Commissioning

In very large and complex system deployments, it is not practical to install, test and configure the complete system at customer sites. This is because, primarily, the customer does not provide time and space for this detailed testing. Also, in case of unforeseen technical issues, it is not possible to get OEM’s support at site. Staging can be an ideal solution in such situations. It provides a nearly exact replica of customer environment in a test lab where the system is installed, configured and tested with the customer’s database. All the features can be tested as per the customer’s requirements. In case of any technical issues, it is easier to get the issues resolved.
Wincinq, with its strong team of system integrators, can emulate the customer environment and perform the staging at the clients lab setup. A detailed Feature Test Report can be prepared which can be used subsequently at the site for the Final Feature Acceptance Test. In case of any technical issues, Wincinq can resolve them in the test environment or coordinate with OEM for any software/hardware bugs. This ensures a faster closure of the installation at the actual site.
On-Site Installation
In case of complex installations, or if the Partner does not have installation skillsets, Wincinq can support the client in the on-site installation.
Factory Acceptance Test(FAT)
Almost all Government and PSU organisations prefer to have an inventory and basic testing of their ordered equipment before it is dispatched from the factory/warehouse to ensure that the equipment is as per their specifications. The installation of the equipment at the site can only commence after the successful completion of FAT.
Wincinq, with its experience, can ensure a proper and timely completion of FAT. This will help the client to realise his dues against delivery. It will also cut down on delays in starting the installation at the customer site.
Customer Training
After successful commissioning of the system at site, it is mandatory and important to impart an ‘end user training’, so that the customer is able to use the system effectively. This being a very important part in the successful closure of the project, Wincinq can help its Partners with its experienced team of trainers, for completing this activity.
Remote Installation
In case of limited installation skillsets with Partners, Wincinq can remotely install the system with the assistance of the onsite team. This is a very cost effective solution for the Partner.

Migration & Upgrades

Migration of Legacy Systems
Products which have reached a ‘end of life/support’, need to be replaced with the newer products from the OEM. However while doing so , the customer’s existing configuration and feature sets should be correctly replicated in the new system, thus ensuring a seamless experience for the end user. As most Partners do not have much skillset on Legacy systems, Wincinq with its decades of experience on Unify Legacy systems, can assist in this migration process.
Software Upgrades
System software bugs/errors are routinely resolved by the OEM, by means of a patchset, a ‘new Release’ or a ‘new software Version’. Hence it is mandatory that the systems are regularly upgraded to the latest Release/Version.
Wincinq can proactively test the new software and upgrade procedure in their test lab and subsequently support the Partner in ensuring a seamless upgrade.

Post Sales Support

Major and Minor MAC
Wincinq can provide remote support to Partners, with limited service resources, for activities such as system expansion or major/minor configuration changes.
Offline Database Preparation:-During system failures at sites, it takes either a very long time to prepare/restore the customer database or sometimes it is practically not possible to do so. Partner generally does not have the necessary infrastructure/resources to carry out this activity.
Wincinq with its infrastructure facilities can support partner in preparing the offline database. This helps the Partner in restoring the system in a timely manner, thereby meeting their SLA.
Level 2 Support
The partners, with their limited skillsets, are unable to resolve complex problems with the communication system. Sometimes the customer also comes up with unique feature requirements which are not a part of standard product features and the partner has no solution for the same. These situations can result in customer dissatisfaction.
Wincinq, with its team of professionals and a well equipped lab infrastructure, can simulate and resolve complex issues in quick time. With its in-depth knowledge of the system, it can provide workaround solutions for features not directly supported. This will help improve customer satisfaction and aid customer retention.


Partner Sales and Service Training
The OEM regularly releases new versions of the existing products to meet the everchanging demands of the markets. The OEM also introduces new products when existing hardware/software reach End of Life. This makes it mandatory for the Partners to keep their Sales and Service team updated/trained with the new Products and its feature set. Trainings are also required when the existing Partner recruits new service/sales personnel or when a new partner is onboarded.
Wincinq, with its team of certified Unify trainers, can provide the Partners Sales and Service Market Introduction Trainings as and when the new products are released by the OEM. Regular sales and service trainings are also conducted for existing/newly onboarded Partners and their employees.
Customer Administrator Service Training
There are some large customers who prefer to have their own team of trained staff to perform the day to day configuration changes and basic maintenance activities. Some contract agreements also have a clause for mandatory basic level training.
Wincinq can support the Partner in conducting such trainings either at customer premises or in the local training center.

Testing and Certification

SIP Provider Certifications
As the technology is changing from TDM to VOIP, the traditional trunk interfaces are being replaced with SIP trunks. Every SIP carrier vendor has a different implementation of SIP protocol which poses a huge challenge to the PABX OEM to interface their PABX with the network and provide standard feature set. The SIP provider certification process ensures that suitable profiles are created in the PABX for each vendor technology where the feature sets are tested with support from OEM Development team to ensure a standard working of all the required features. This is an important and mandatory requirement for OEM’s to sell the product in the local market.
Wincinq can coordinate with the OEM development team and assist the OEM in the SIP Provider Certification Process. This certification can go a long way in increasing their market share.
Telecom Interface Approvals:
A new telecom product can be introduced in the market only after it is approved by the local Telecom Authority. This product approval involves testing of the trunk interfaces eg. VOIP trunk, PRI, BRI, analog trunk interfaces etc. with the multiple Service Provider technologies as per the parameters defined by the local telecom authority. Only after a successful certification with the Authority, OEM is entitled to release/sell the product in the market.
Wincinq has wide experience in successfully carrying out these Interface Approvals, thereby ensuring the OEM has a smooth product release in the market.
Third Party Hardware/Software Testing and Certification
Solution provided to customers generally involves Third Party Hardware/Software applications which needs to be integrated with the OEM product portfolio. The customer also expects to use their existing Third party product with the newly replaced system. These Third Party products could include SIP phones, analog phones, gateways, PABX system, CTI applications, Billing applications, Contact Centre application etc.
Wincinq can assist the partner with the detailed testing and certification of the Third Party products either at the customer premises or in their lab.